Interior Valet

Interior Valet: Car  € 80.00 Mpv/ Jeep  € 100.00

♦ Litter removed from vehicle. 

♦ Thoroughly hoovered throughout including boot.

♦ All upholstery seats and carpets shampooed.

♦ Dashboard and instrumentation cleaned

♦ Center console, door panels and sills all cleaned and rejuvenated.

♦ Glass and mirrors polished inside.

N.B:Seat drying time can vary depending on weather conditions, mid May to late September seats should be dry on completion. In the winter months we will leave you with ventilation instructions for best drying results and a seat cover.

Duration:  2/3 hours


New Van Please check weather conditions for the day you would like you valet.   To book this interior valet call: Foster Riley: 0876976633